Mid Fed Council opportunities

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The Midlands Federation of Museums and Art Galleries is currently seeking applications for a number of key posts on its serving council for 2015-16. This is an exciting time for the Mid   Fed as it develops its business planning over the next few years to build a new website and implement a dynamic programme of events to provide an active network and effective professional development forum for people working in museums, galleries and heritage sites in the East and West Midlands.

The vacant posts are:

  • Honorary Secretary
  • Membership Secretary
  • Joint Meeting Secretary (East)
  • Joint Meeting Secretary (West)
  • Personal Member x 1

This is a fantastic CPD opportunity for museum, gallery and heritage professionals in the East and West Midlands. Benefits include:

  • Develop new skills, through training and experience, which will contribute to your CV, AMA or similar CPD plan.
  • Work as part of a team and meet a variety of people to build your networks.
  • Enable a successful organisation to continue to deliver its aims and objectives.
  • Gain an understanding of charity law and regulations.

Applicants should submit a brief CV, contact details and a 200 word summary outlining why you want to apply and what you think you could bring to the position. The closing date for applications is Sunday 1st March 2015. Decisions will be made at the Midlands Federation AGM at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum on 19th March. For further details on vacant posts please contact the Midlands Federation President Chris Kirby on 0247623 7555 chris.kirby@culturecoventry.com.

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