MidFed Keeps in Touch #2

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MidFed Keeps in Touch #2!

The second of our 40 minute lunchtime Zoom meetings will take place at 1pm on Wednesday 28th April, with a five minute presentation and plenty of time for a relaxed discussion, sharing ideas and concerns.

With many museums due to reopen next month, this lunchtime meeting will be a one off, looking forward to 17th May when museums will be able to open their doors to the public again.  We’ll be thinking about what happened last year and what resources are available on line to support you if you are planning to reopen in May.

To join, please complete the following form and the Zoom link will be sent to you prior to the event: https://forms.gle/LYYipNoaETxJ1v376

MidFed keeps in Touch!

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MidFed Keeps in Touch!

A series of 40 minute lunchtime Zoom meetings, with a five minute presentation and plenty of time for chat. We’re hoping for a relaxed discussion about relevant issues, sharing good ideas and keeping in touch.

The first three meetings will be looking at how museums have kept in touch with staff, volunteers and audiences over the last year. We’ll be thinking about what worked and perhaps what didn’t work and also asking whether any of these new systems will stay with us for the long term.

The first meeting, at 1pm on 24 March, will hear from Jodie Henshaw, Curator of Mansfield Museum, who will talk about how the Museum and the Council have kept in touch with staff.

To join, please complete the following form and the Zoom link will be sent to you prior to the event: https://forms.gle/G26LTw7Fk24D1KWG7

Job Vacancy: Wolverhampton Arts & Culture Service

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Museum Jobs

Five vacancies in Wolverhampton Arts & Culture service:

Commercial Operations Manager (deadline 5 May)

Learning and Engagement Officer (deadline 5 May)

Curatorial Officer (deadline 5 May)

Collections Assistant (deadline 7 May)

Exhibitions Assistant (deadline 7 May

Full details can be found at: https://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/museumstudies/JobsDesk

Notice to change the constitution

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At the MidFed 2017 AGM we intend to propose to change our constitution to reduce the number of council members formally required by the Federation.

The amendments proposed are to reduce the number of council members formally required in order for us to work more flexibly, but also in acknowledgement of the fact that museum professionals are increasingly struggling to take time out of their work for this kind of commitment.

You can see the new constitution here:

MidFed Constitution from November 2017

If you would like to vote in this matter please email midfed@gmail.com with your concerns, queries and thoughts before close of play on 1st November.

Help MidFed to develop

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The MidFed has had a challenging couple of years. Run by volunteers, it has been increasingly difficult to find the time in among growing work commitments to run the Fed to its full potential. There’s also been an increasing number of organisations offering training and networking, while museum staff across the board are finding it harder and harder to take time out of work to attend events. So what does that mean for the MidFed? How can we best support museum professionals across the Midlands?

We’d appreciate it if you could spare five minutes to complete our survey to help us ensure that we develop in the right direction, you can even win a bottle of champagne at the next AGM just by filling it in.

Click here to complete our survey

And if you’re feeling inspired to get involved, we’re also looking for a new president. Email us at midfed@gmail.com to find out more.



Could you be our new president?

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We’re looking for our next MidFed President as Jonathan Wallis’ two year term comes to an end.

Do you want to help shape the MidFed and its future activities? We’re looking for someone with the enthusiasm and commitment to help lead and develop the Federation for the next two years.

It’s a chance to support museum professionals across the region as museums adapt to new challenges, as well as providing the opportunity to meet and work with colleagues from different museums.

You can find out more about the President’s role by clicking here and for more information contact us on midfed@gmail.com.

Response to proposed cuts to Birmingham Museum Trust

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As an independent organisation representing museums professionals across the midlands, the ongoing cuts to museum budgets is a matter of great concern. As austerity shows no signs of abating, museums, and other arts organisations, continue to be under huge threat of closure and reduction in services. It’s important that the sector and its supporters remain as vocal as possible about the huge impact that the arts can have on communities, individuals, and the region as a whole.

You can read our response to Birmingham City Council’s proposed cuts to the Museum Trust here:

MidFed response to cuts to Brimingham Museum Trust

The Museums Association Salary Survey 2017

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The Museums Association has a long track record of publishing salary guidelines for the sector. Incomes Data Research are an independent specialist pay research organisation, working on behalf of T…

Source: The Museums Association Salary Survey 2017